VCSS...The Plan

"...thou shalt keep the commandments of The Lord thy God,
to walk in his plan, and to fear Him."
Deuteronomy 8:6

So, what is the plan to take the path toward excellence, integrity and equity in the arena of home education? Of course with the believer, the main path is a life of righteousness in Christ Jesus and reaching the end of that path takes a lifetime. Training, teaching and discipleship are the keys to unlocking the door into godly manhood and godly womanhood. Training children to be obedient and submissive to authority, if done very early in the child's life, will make the teaching of academics, life skills and extracurricular lessons more simple. While training and teaching are taking place, discipleship is the motivation in making all the lessons Christ-centered.

As parents train their children in the character qualities of attentiveness, cooperation, friendliness, gratefulness, honesty, joyfulness, kindness, to name a few, the teaching and learning process becomes such a joy. God speaks of children being an inheritance from Him and as His commands for child training are followed with consistency he/she will truly bring gladness to the heart of the parent.

It is so important to acquire the skills needed to function in the world we live in and, of course, Reading, Writing and basic Math are all foundational to higher learning. As the student gains confidence in his/her acquired skills and knowledge, they can be challenged each proceeding year to learn more and more details.

The founders of VCSS have such a system of guidance procedures from Kindergarten through the Senior year in High School. Each advancing year for the VCSS student brings new challenges not only in the basics, but then on to studies in the content subjects of Literature, History, Geography and Science, along with Music and Art Appreciation, Foreign Language and a Personal Exercise Program (P.E.P.), as well as other delight directed studies.

With the numerous resources from which the Cornwells have collected data over the years, they are a treasure trove of information to the inquiring home educating parent. One of the major aspects of the School, which attracts families to VCSS, is the flexibility of curriculum choice and annual Spring/Summer basic skills test selection which the school's directors allow. The required school registration, quarterly report and graded student forms are simple to follow, so as to make obligations of paperwork lighter.

The VCSS Handbook includes applicant information, testing information, scope and sequence, history of VCSS, and all forms required for the school year.